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The Shepherd’s see the Lamb Luke 2:8-20



LUKE 2; 8-20



Why the Shepherds in the field? And furthermore, Why them first? The Shepherds were viewed by the people of Israel as common thieves, they were not allowed to give testimony in courts and they could not take part in the ceremonial sacrifice. All of this was due to their job. They were required to be with the sheep at all times.

Great significance is found in the fact they were some of the first to be told of Jesus’ birth. One, they were keeping watch over the sacrificial lamb and two; they were least likely to be first. God was telling these shepherds they would no longer have to raise a sacrificial lamb. The Lamb of God was lying in the manger. He would be the final sacrifice and would take away the sins of the people. The people of Israel thought when the Messiah would come He would be a political leader and would relieve political oppression. The angels declare Jesus to be a Savior, not just a leader, (The Wycliffe Bible Commentary, pp.1032-1033).

It is also important that we notice the angels surrounding the Shepherds, the praise they gave to Christ and their going away praising Him and telling others about Him. These men might have been least among the town folk but to God they were just the type men He wanted; humble and faithful.

We like the Shepherds need not look for another sacrifice. The final sacrifice has been made for us. When we see Jesus as our propitiation we see Him as the Shepherds did. We cannot save ourselves. We are the least among all because we are sinners who have transgressed the law. God has chosen to reveal Himself to us just as He chose to reveal Himself to the Shepherds.


                               I.      Vs 10 – GOOD TIDINGS

Good tidings = preaching the message. In the New Testament it is always referring to the preaching of the death, burial and resurrection. (See the Strongest Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance pages 1211 and 1613).


  1. Great Joy

1.      What is the joy?

·         There is now hope for mankind.

·         God has come to offer Himself to sinful man.

ATTN: Mankind had reached a point where there was none good no not one. We are all sinners with no hope. Through the Child born we have hope of salvation.


  1. To all people

1.      Who are all people?

·         Any who come to Jesus Christ through faith in Him as Lord and Savior!

Note: By Faith alone, in Christ alone & by Grace!

·         There are no boundaries or prejudices toward any who come by faith.

ATTN: There are many people in today’s world that are prejudiced toward some people. With Christ there is no prejudice. All who come by faith are welcomed into His Salvation.

                            II.      Vs 14 – GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST

Glory to God = showing God the praise He deserves. This word also refers to assigning God the highest status possible, (See the Strongest Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance pages 445 and 1603).


A Glory is God’s

1. Why do we give Him praise?

·         His peace.

·         Good will toward us, mankind.

▬Many people misinterpret the verse to say peace would be forever on earth now. This is only true for those who know Jesus Christ personally as Savior. Peace was on earth, but the peace was Christ and in Christ. The only way to access this peace is to accept Christ and allow Him to live in you through His Holy Spirit.

It is also important to note real peace will be forever on earth after the second coming and after the New Heaven and New Earth are set up by God.


▬Good will toward men is often misinterpreted to mean man would have good will toward one another, but it is obvious this is not so. The good will spoken of is that of God toward us. In His good will He offered to us His only Son as a sacrifice for our sins. For those who accept this gift you will know of His good will toward men.


                         III.      Vs 20 – GLORIFYING AND PRAISING GOD

A. Sharing the message of Gods message to them. (See the Strongest Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance pages 916 and 1588).

1. When and why do we praise Him?

·         The peace He gives us.

·         The Salvation He gave us.

·         The Salvation He offers to all who come by faith

·         The understanding He reveals to His own.

·         The word He gives us as our guide.

·         The Church He gives us to worship with.

·         The family He gives us.



We should praise and thank God always. Furthermore we should share the message of the hope that is in us.  15But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear


  • The reason for the season
  • The only hope we have is in Jesus and for that He we should praise Him!

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