Posted by: Brett Clements | March 23, 2010

Woman, Behold thy Son John 19:26-27

This message can also be downladed as a Word document

John 19:26-27

Jesus tells His disciple to take Mary as his mother and Mary to see the disciple as her son. In our text we have a statement of

Words to note:

  1. Son – a word used to describe one who depends on another
  2. Mother – a mother
  3. Behold – see
    1. To “see” someone as a particular person in the way one would view a mother or child would create emotion, drive and concerns.
    2. To “see” one as mother or child in a scriptural way would bring certain commands to light.

We have before us a statement made by Christ and a response from those whom He gave the statement.

  1. The Statement
    1. Behold (see) One Another as Family
    2. The Response
      1. Obedience to the stated directive

Jesus is hanging on the cross. While in agony He offers compassionate care to His followers.

Issues in the response to note:

  1. The Disciple took Mary to His house.
    1. Jesus did not send Mary to Her earthly home.
    2. Mary is identified here as part of a greater Family, the Family of God.
    3. Jesus did not allow Mary to remain at the cross.

                                                               i.      He is the Redeemer. Christ alone!

As believers in Christ and followers of His commands we can learn from this text. Christ was well aware of the coming of the New Testament Church!

        I.            Obligations within the Body of Christ “The Church”

  1. Care for our body (Ephesians 2:19, 5:21)

                                                               i.      each member is part of the same body

                                                             ii.      each members decision will affect the rest of the body (see Ephesians 2:21)

      II.            Owning the Obligations of the Church “Your Family”

Often we see people compartmentalize Christian activity and Church matters. They fail to see the lifelong commitment a family member has. Christian activity cannot and should not be a once or twice a week thing. It must be a lifelong commitment and a way of life for the believer.

  1. Concern yourself with each member

                                                               i.      watch for signs of hurting

                                                             ii.      watch for signs of need

                                                            iii.      watch for mentoring opportunities

  1. Consume the blessings of God

                                                               i.      get mentored

                                                             ii.      ask for help from family

                                                            iii.      go to Bible Study

                                                           iv.      make needs known

You get the picture

    III.            Observe Obligations at Work

In Nehemiah all the People of God had obligations in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. As each family worked in the area assigned the walls were erected giving protection to Gods People. When we work as we are called we fortify the Church.

  1. Reviving of Unity
  2. Renewing of commitments
  3. Rebuilding torn churches
  4. Return on investment of commitment

                                                               i.      souls saved

                                                             ii.      inactive members revived



  1. Thank you so much Bro. Brett Clements. I am from Mindanao Philippines. I appreciate your sharing the notes about the 3rd sayings of Jesus on the cross. It will help me organize my message today.

    God bless!

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